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Tuesday, September 21, 2004


at the end of the day....

Sudeep resorts to cliches....

I need some help. I have this good-for-nothing software lab that is supposed to help us master the tricks of the trade. So far, I have mastered apache, linux shells, perl, make, php, latex, lex/yacc and xml. And now, to top it all, I need to implement something cooL (read project) in 4-6 weeeks with a partner.

Now, I am looking to maxmize grades, make no mistake. It would be a good icing on the cake if I could do something that would add some value to my resume. Even better, if it would really improve my technical skills to some extent.

I have come up with the following ideas....

- Blog platform
- Orkut like engine
- Real-world-event scheduler
- Flat file join tool in perl (Richie, dont laugh)
- Web crawler, scraper etc
- Online mall hosting platform.
- Apache log analyzer.

And thats the end of my ideas......people, please come up with a few ideas of your own and post it here, just post any idea.....my TAs will get to decide if we can work on it or not....and the more ideas I come up with, the better are my chances of doing something that I like.....and I hate architecture/engineering kinda stuff, but I guess, I will have to go with all of it to get this one done....


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