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Thursday, September 16, 2004



self respect, swaabhimana, chala, ego.....ivella yelli?? where did they all disappear? I agree on correct mails, politically correct that is, and mis-communication, communication etc....but lick-ass ???

you gotta kick-ass maga......don't you feel that the whole communication based management theories that people with a little bit of power shell out to folks under them is all based on lack of talentz....or maybe lack of great talentz......to be precise.......or maybe money, I am not sure.....

would anyone question Richie? (DMR, I mean, not Jag :)) .... maybe if he said "screw yourself" to some head honcho in some Fortune 10 company, it might matter......but would they get offended about his using pronouns? or would they rather look for some meaning in what he is trying to say before branding him "lacks communication skills".......

point is....its all about talentz.....and skillz....and about developing yourself so that what you can do, not many can do.......if there are many who can do what I can......what good am I???...... I would have to resort to communication skills to stay afloat......

have probablity and statistics mid-sem exams in 30 minutes.....have to do some last minute random preperations......if what I prepare now comes by chance...... :))))

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