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Tuesday, September 14, 2004



Saw volume 1 and 2 back to back and you ain't kidding baby, that movie and I had unfinished business alright. Tarantino makes movies for those who have watched tens of thousands of movies - or so someone said. I agree paaps....my first QT movie confirms that memorable quote of yours.....

Next on my list.....already on my hard-disk....

- One flew over the cuckoo's nest
- Pulp Fiction
- Seven Samurai
- Dead Man Walking
- Rear Window
- North by Nothwest

can't find Usual Suspects, Amelie and Leon here on the network....very surprising....Btw, I am done with

- Indiana Jones trilogy
- Kill Bill Volumes

and quite a few more.....

Moviefest continues at IIT bombay.......and mid-sem exams are going on in-between.....and coming to that, got screwed in Algorithms, and will surely get screwed in probability.....am not working on any of my seminar or other stuff......haven't paid my mess bill.....have two library books with me that are already a week overdue.....haven't submitted my bank details to the TA office.....have no clean clothes to wear.....

on the good side, I have been going to Hiranandani every day for the last three days....bought Lolita.....havent eaten in the mess for the last 3 days......feeling totally good about myself.....whistling the Indiana Jones theme......a la Akshai RS.

- Dadiya


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