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Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Make what?

How can make be difficult... or irritating......with its quirky tab rules, with its really really almost cryptically short syntax, with its awesome error messages, its the best thing to use in this world.....and somewhere, people keep claiming that it makes your life easy.......what say you Papanna? are you doing good with make?

Btw, its not that hard to work with make, you just need to get used to it....as with everything else in the UNIX world....can you guys believe that I have been working on a LINUX desktop for more than a month now, and I dont loathe it as much as I used to at Yahoo!.

Speaking of Yahoo!, S & S are getting married this Sunday, in Ganjam Mantapa of all the places.....Am feeling quite sad and nostalgic about it all......Of all the people, I got to know both of them, worked at Yahoo!, got deeply deeply involved with you-know-who etc etc.....feelings galore.......anyways, samsara andmele....ond nenapu baratte, ond nenapu hogatte....... It seems incredibly strange that lives have indeed changed, of all of us.......since dec-2001....and we all have grown a little more, explored a little more and done a little more in life......for better or for worse.....it feels good......it feels bad....... I wonder what might have happened if things hadn't changed so drastically back then.....


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