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Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Pulp Fiction Sucks

Saw the movie till Vincent and Mia come back to Mia's apartment and he is in the loo....and she is dancing.....and I am f*ckin bored......this movie sucks.....How did it ever make it to IMDB top 20....and more so, Sudeep's top 5 ?!?!?!??!

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It is really a great movie. In my opinion the best. My suggestion: Try to watch it again, but keep an open mind. It really is incredible.
Of course, Anonymous, its a great movie. I just hadn't realized that fact the first time I tried to watch it.

After I became a die-hard fan of the movie, I wrote this other post. You might be interested in checking it out.

did you manage to get the movies from IITBombay? I want them... have to update myself on a lot of movies...
I ABSOLUTELY agree with you Tayzwi.
This movie suckedreal bad (plus other bloody and racist movies like it)

and then everyone's wondering how all these crimes and murders happen...ah these americans!

pulp fiction in 3 words:
Quentin Tarantino is a terrible director...he's a Scorcese wanna-be,and fails miserably.
Reservoir Dogs sucks,Pulp Fiction sucks.....I won't watch anything else by him....He would be just boring if he didn't have pointless,glib,chatty dialouge that makes his movies unbearable to watch to people that want more intelligence in the movies they watch.
scorcese? never heard of him

I have never seen a good Tarantino movie. Just can't even watch them.

Tarantino is a drooling idiot, so
are people who watch his films.
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