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Monday, October 11, 2004


Black Tea

got myself an electric kettle, a box of Lipton Yellow Label teabags, and lo! I can brew my own tea in the lab, anytime I want......

Sudeep's writing continues to be amusing....he is talking about bows and arrows now.......I wish he knew about them when he himself was target practice during his last days as a part of FYI.........I so wish I could've been in Bangalore this Sunday; didn't want to miss this one big event. Makla, do go there and make sure you at least eat some of mine and GD's quota of food.

Futile efforts at studying have been going on. I seem to be doing this the exact same way as I used to work: wait till deadlines mount....and then, give an average performance under pressure. I have to work on this trait of mine.......NOW! ......That bit of self-analysis aside, life has been good. Attended a Scrabble workshop yesterday, conducted by an alumnus, who has won international level tournaments. Spoke about bingos, board tracking, challenges, word play, anagramming, and other strategies......I couldn't stay for the games that began after the strategy session......will play with some Scrabble Club folks soon....

I was talking to a few ex-colleagues today, and they tell me the Unreal Tournament has been called off at office. And now, people are expected to be at their desks by 11. Stand in line for lunch, take coffee breaks during coffee breaks, give sado-masochistic control to one's manager.....etc etc..... Whats happening ?!?!?!?

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