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Wednesday, October 06, 2004


LA Confidenial nalli Agent 999

This can be true.

Lemme explain. We have seen Dr Raj and his awesome agent 000 movies. They are full of incredible plots, "im-plausible" assumptions, seductive vamps, sacrificing friends, moles in the police department who have sold out to the bad guys for just money, bad guys who want to control the whole city, lot of gun fights, agents trailing bad men, and bad men trailing agents, jealousy etc etc.......and we also thought that these movies were extremely silly......

Welcome to LA Confidential.

You throw in some good actors, some realistic fight-shootout sequences, and last, but not the least, a tight script; voila, you have the critically highly acclaimed LA Confidential. So, whats the difference between our Dr Raj flicks and awesome non-special effects movies made in Hollywood? Its just the script. Its the non-chalance of the actors, its the direction....and mostly, its the seriousness.....they dont dilute serious movies with mindless humor, they dont have item numbers, they dont have all the "elements". They just stick to one idea, follow the script, keep it as tight as possible, and deliver the punch. The audience reels back, and applauds. They also curse the Kannada thrillers cuz of Narsimharaju, who has no place in these movies (with all due respects to the great comedian). As for the tight script: after having watched movies like Minchina Ota, I think that its highly possible that there are some great screenwriters amidst us (no pun). But these cool screenwriters just are succumbing to whats "conventionally" expected out of them, and keep doing the conventioan stuff, instead of what they truly feel for (write cool scripts). Now, that statement applies at so many levels......what say Paapu?

Anyways, Watch LA Confidential, its a good movie....just enough double crossing to make you feel bad, but not enough to make you hate the movie for fooling you just for the heck of it (like Sixth Sense).

Now for some boring stuff.....

If you are in a mood, try to see the NP-completeness proof of Hamiltonian Circuit. Creativity is being taken to new heights. Crazy concoctions leading to sublime proofs......I am bowled.

Btw, I have chosen my lab project. The idea is to make search engine results browsing an easier experience, by grouping them under categories. These categories are extracted automatically by looking at the top 200 results for the queries and clustering them based on the search results' snippets that come along with the results. We are planning to use the Google API to invoke the search and get the results page. Construct a Suffix Tree out of the words in the snippets, and then, cluster these suffix trees based on some heuristic that has been proven good. Its a standard text classifciation method. Which we are going to implement. Also involves some "course-conformant" front end PHP work, some CGI scripting to invoke the search etc. But more importantly, has the quasi research angle of the clustering bit.........adhu adhu.....


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