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Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Late night postings

Its 4am. Two of my lab-mates are sleeping on the floor. Two more are watching Home-Alone #4. I am typing this. I can see my bag, my toothbrush and toothpaste, my kettle, mug, waterbottle, headphones, stray change on the table. I am not particularly sleepy, but have no josh to study, inspite of having a study plan. I have an algorithms class at 930 tomorrow. So, I know that I have to sleep somewhat early if I dont want to miss the class. I am also thinking of watching some pourne. My pourne identity needs to be revived.

Navratri is here, or so they tell me. The first gharba/dandiya was held today, and we folks went in a little late, and could just catch the public as they were coming out. The feel of a college fest is on. The institute seems to be geared up towards one thing, and one thing only...the college fest. With a fresher-college-fest-orientation conducted in the biggest hall in the institute, one can imagine....

Zeedy, the casino robbing theme is old. I mean, its older than the woods. Think of some other plot idea. I have an idea: Sudeep is a compulsive obsessive something. Could be anything. And to overcome this, he starts attending therapy sessions with psychoanalyst. There is no deep reason behind his situation, he is a normal person with a normal problem, and is attracted to the shrink. The shrink senses this, and has a moral conflict of sorts.....whether to send him to someone else (her husband is a shrink too), or treat him inspite of his obvious attraction towards her.....all this is shown through some wonderful direction and very well thought out dialogues. She chooses the second option.....and we see her trying to help him out.....and along the way, the audience starts suspecting that she is not being professional, and contrary to her earlier promise, is now guiding her unsuspecting patient into a quasi-intellectual-sexual relationship with her; all as a part of her treatment.

At this point, we can either make Sudeep diabolical, ie. he can see that she is falling for him, and so, he goes for it all out....or we can make him a good patient who just happened to have a testosterone shot before starting therapy. The therapist's husbands angle, and his being a shrink, I havent yet explored......And no clue about the ending and further twists as well....But this idea could dwell on some awesome dialogue......not like the shrink-talk you see in Ally McBeal, some real cool mind-play and meta(anticipatory)-thinking, some really tense erotic moments, drama, maybe suspense, and with tons of scope for a mindblowing ending.....

What say?

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