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Friday, October 29, 2004



status check:

Getting screwed in Linear Programming/Algebra.
Lagging behind in my Web-Search seminar. Will be really badly screwed for this. Maybe my worst procrastinating session ever.
Haven't understood basic probability and am supposed to know all about distributions. No clue on this.
Have to decide on my formal verifications term paper, haven't even searched the net for it yet. Imagine.
Am lagging behing badly in my web-search results clustering. Have 3 days to wind up the project, submit report, demonstrate it in front of a dis-interested class/sadistic TAs.
Procrastinating, lazing, lack of energy, sleep, lack of focus....all happening at the same time.....

Good stuff: I am finding formal verifications really interesting...... I am considering changing my primary focus here from Data Mining to Verifications. Dont know for sure. But its on the cards.....depends on how my verifications term paper goes vs. my data mining seminar. Am having a good time reading up on Linear Algebra, Algorithms, and some other basic stuff.

Other stuff:

Bad: Am wearing my last clean shirt. Don't have any shirt for tomorrow; Might go out and buy some clothes. The hostel washing machine is under repair, and my room is full of dirty clothes, and its getting worse. I have tons of mouth ulcers and my toe-thumbs, both of them are screwed with "ugur-suttus"s.

Good: I am feeling great........ain't that great? Done with some crappy Communications Skills exam today. Just one more month of first semester left. One way or the other, it will get over. Discovered a great new coffee place inside the campus. My Rs 700/- electric kettle is now being wasted here on my lab desk ;-)))....laff all you want..........
Still reading Lolita, and savoring every sentence, and am figuring out slowly that there is some other plot going on that is beyond me. Have to buy the "Annotated Lolita" which has notes for each page for the fan, and for the clueless; both of which I am right now.....

What else..... Nothing much.....keep posting.......

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