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Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Algorithms Pit

got so badly screwed in the algorithms final exam that i will be lucky if I make a BC.....for the uninitiated, the grading system goes like this.....

AA - the absolute top, the very best....contributes a 10 to your CPI (cumulative point index)
AB - up there, but not quite.......contributes 9 to CPI
BB - you aint too bad......contributes 8 to CPI
BC - you know the course's workings.....contributes 7 to the CPI
CC - you must have thought twice before taking this course.....contributes 6 to the CPI
CD - you suck....contributes 5 to the CPI
DD - rockbottom....contributes 4 to CPI
FF - gotta repeat the subject next sem....contributes 3 to CPI
FR - gotta repeat the subject next sem....contributes nothing.

Each subject has a credit value attached to it. And your overall CPI will be the sum of your credit-weighted grade-value of that semester. For example, if i get a AB in my 10-credit foundations lab, a BC in the 6-credit algorithms, a BC in the 6-credit probability course, a BB in the 6 credit formal methods course, and an AA in the the 4 credit seminar, my CPI will be proportional to 9*10 + (7+7+8)*6 + 10*4 = 262 out of 320, which gives me a grand CPI of 8.1.

Now, 8.1 is roughly the same as our 75%.....surprise surprise.....I haven't changed much.....most companies keep a campus interview cutoff of around 7.5-8.....(average CPI over 2 semesters). Microsoft keeps 9. Google might keep 9.5, and IIT throws you out if you go below 6......I dont hope to leave this place before the end of 2 years......

Thats all the answer please.....

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