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Saturday, November 27, 2004


Exam pit swallows me

Its been the worst possible exams of my life, ever......ever ever ever.

Just finished my formal methods paper. 75 marks, 2 hours. The professor was very generous, I could make out that it was an easy paper; I had studied that much. The professor even extended the time so that we had 4 hours. Now, there was me, trying to answer questions. Knowing that a paper is easy, and still not being able to get any answer right makes you feel like a .......... loser beyond compare.

So, overall, I attempted for 10+15+20+7.5 out of which I know that the 40 are pure hogwash. That leaves me with a valid 12 marks, out of which I might get around 8 or 10, making it a grand 8 out of 75....would've failed had I been in Bangalore University. (who knows what will happen here).....

So, right now, my expectations are getting so low, and so bad.....that, shucks, leave it....adar bagge maatadi prayojana illa.........bandu koodale....preeti indale....kanya serege....nanna shata teriyo.......rajaa raajaaa......jai Ravi Mama and Hamsa...

iga, web-search, PageRank seminar mugisbeku...........will this ever end......have never seen anything like grad school first semester...........and it gets incredibly worse if you have a mascochistic bent of mind and take crazy theory subjects and do your projects and seminars under hard taskmasters of professors......whew.......bye

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