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Monday, November 01, 2004



Read this attention-holding blog entry by some dude on Kannada: http://msanjay.htmlplanet.com/blog/lchasm.htm

Right now, I am typing from an I-Mac in the hostel comp. room. Its different, and its really different....right from the keyboard down to the display and the usage etc etc.....I dont know whether it was designed to be so different from the IBM-clones, but it is.......

Anyways, I am (as-always) amused to see Su Depp in one of his oh-so-su-depp moments....cant wait for this month to get over....and cant wait to see you dudes again.......undecidability or not..... bhel puri or not....... stupid Su Depp disclaimers on everything or not.....me is gonna be there, and me is gonna eat everyone's head......and also swim away to glory in the NCB pool......

right now, I have gotten over some of my recent mammoth spells of procrastination - only cuz deadlines have finally caught up with me.......Right now, I have enough workload to piss off even Buddha....or some such idiom.......

Listening to Fanaa Fanaa from Yuva.....and yeah, marvelling at Rahman's talents....But these days I am beginning to respect the likes of Anu Malik and Anand-Milind, cuz of the sheer genius in their dingchak songs......of course, the credit is equally shared by folks like Anjaan and Sameer for those immortal lyrics with quintessential words like "jiya", "baahon mein", "jaan", "dil", "pyaar", "deewana", "seene", "goriya", "chura", "jiya" and of course......."bechain"..

Have listened to the dingchak hall of fame here........and surprisingly, I have a few other fans of extreme hindi dingchak here......who take great pleasure in listening to the essential 90's dingchak that had classics like Husn Hai Suhana.....Tamma Tamma Loge......and some of those classic Mithun numbers which I cant get enough of these days...... :)))))

Ok, gotta go to the lab now and work on my lab project which is due tomorrow midnight......

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