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Tuesday, November 09, 2004



A movie posting after a long time. Saw Rain Man again!!! And unbelievably, went through most of the movie without skipping any bit. I like this one. Have to get a DVD when I come to Bangalore.

Booked my Bangalore ticket right now on irctc. December 2nd Night, I will be there in Girinagar. So, December 3rd, Kumar, Richie, lets hit the pool.

As for current academics, I have got an extenstion on my seminar report submission deadline from Prof. Soumen. Gotta use it well, and extract some wisdom from a collection of papers that he has asked me to read. Extract wisdom???? I am not able to extract basic contents. Lets see where that will leave me.....Other than end-sem exams, I have just two survey reports to write before next week. Almost single-tasking, a very welcome change.

Spoke to Chakku and Samba after a long time......Kumar seems to be missing college days, but is not responding on YIM. GD seems to have faded into the sands of Phoenix. Richie, well, I dont really mind it either ways :))).....

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