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Friday, February 25, 2005


A short story....

I feel the gulp in my throat, as I see his fleeting image so clearly. Is it my mind ?? I suddenly realize that it is indeed him. Its him!!! It is him!! Awgh, that green sweatshirt! It does suck! But hold on, I am thinking about his sweatshirt now when he is disappearing around that corner. With that thought I break into a run and knowing that I have always been able to outrun him, I sprint towards the corner where I saw him disappear three seconds back.

With bated breath, I come to the corner and turn around the white walls and see him standing in a queue on the other side of the street. With that sweatshirt, I could have spotted him from a mile. Seeing that the queue is quite long, I walk slowly upto it, catching my breath on the way; the thought that there is absolutely no traffic on these streets does not even strike me. As I pass a few others in the queue walking upto him, I am quite surprised that no one is complaining that I might be jumping the queue. Well, polite people. As I approach him, he turns to me and smiles, as if he is expecting me - "Hi Moms."

As I gaze at him, his face breaks into one of those fondly remembered trademark grins. Before I could return the smile, we have reached the head of the queue, and as we both try to enter, the gatekeeper blocks me with a gruff - "You sir, not yet!". The gatekeeper ignores my partner as he continues to smile at me while he goes in, and I keep staring after him, somehow he is walking away while still facing me. Going deep inside. Facing me he is. Still, through the transparent plastic in my wallet. I sigh and pocket my wallet on a pleasantly warm Republic Day afternoon and board a local train from Dadar.

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well written...but tuff to make out the head or tail of things.
Whe green sweatshirt should've told you what I am writing about.....esp, since you have one of them...

Not even the - Hi Moms - gave you a hint? if it didn't I am very dissappointed with the Samba...
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