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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


XKCD Sucks!

Well, saying XKCD sucks is like saying C. Auguste Dupin was a very inferior fellow and Monsieur Lecoq, a miserable bungler. And much more importantly, it says that this is the beginning of something more. I think it's not, but I wouldn't mind surprising myself. Well, after that ado, and no further, here is my first cartoon strip.

I have another one up. Already. Sigh.

And another. Can't believe this is continuing.

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You manage to be even more obscure than XKCD. Had to resort to 2 google searches before I could get the joke - after that, can I say I got the joke at all ?

As an aside, being bad implies good side?
" Can't believe this is continuing!.. "

Well me too! :P
Congratulations on being one of those annoying little cartoonists who can be grasped by only 0.001% of the audience X-( Guess where I belong!

Anyway, have to admit that XKCD sucks :)
Teju, if u come across ACD's non-Holmes stories in a bookshop, gimme a buzz maga
Hey...Saw your picture in this issue of "The Week" magazine...
Tejaswi, Arama? We met in Dodderi Gopi`s marriage. How are you? In touch with Chetu?

XKCD has it's moments of suckiness, but let's face it - it's a damn sight better than the sorry mess you're offering up as an alternative!
@Anon: Well, the idea was that Conan Doyle gave a tribute to his favorite mystery authors (their creations, to be precise) by getting his creation (Holmes) talk cheaply about them.

So, by saying XKCD sucks, I was just saying that I am a huge huge fan - and had just the teeniest of hopes that one of my strips would be just about as good as one of Munroe's many strips.

So much for obscure references.
Sorry wrong. Saying XKCD sucks is like saying rape sucks.
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